Service Alliance 3

A business initiative

that leverages the benefits of collaboration with other like-minded exploration companies and industries.

The Alliance currently

boasts 18 exploration companies; 3 technology companies; 4 communication service companies; 2 financing companies; and 2 exploration service companies

Valence Mining Services

a wholly owned subsidiary of Teako Minerals Corp. hosts the Service Alliance.

The Service Alliance Aspects

Labs - One Voice

Alliance members will benefit from having a unified voice, creating greater impact to gain prudent turn-around times at laboratories.


Effective communication is a cornerstone of The Service Alliance. Social media is essential to ensure transparency, convey positive messages, and build shareholder confidence.


Alliance members have the option of sharing equipment when possible, resulting in cost optimization.

Innovation Hub

The Service Alliance creates a forum for the exchange of ideas, in order to implement innovative ideas from tech companies.


Alliance members will be able to reap the benefits of our collective knowledge, to make better informed decisions.


By collaborating on financing, Alliance members will be introduced to individual networks, creating additional support for individual companies.

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