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Teako Minerals Corp. is currently active on twitter and looking for other great fits for our story.

Teako Minerals Corp. mainly explores for Copper, Nickel & Gold.

Teako Minerals Corp. currently have British Columbia & Norway / Finland as their primary target areas.

As of April 5 2023, there are 7,310,000 unexercised $0.10 warrants outstanding.

The permitting and ESG guidelines in Canada and Scandinavia can differ significantly depending on the specific region and how well-connected a company is with the local population and authorities. It’s a paradoxical situation, but the biggest differences between the two regions can also be their biggest similarities. Therefore, it’s challenging to compare them as a whole.

However, Finland stands out as a commendable exception, with very good and uniform regulations at the national level. This provides a reliable framework for exploration activities in the country.

As for Teako Minerals, we have strong connections in British Columbia, Yukon, Norway, and Finland, which allows us to navigate the diverse regulations and requirements in these regions effectively. While we don’t have a preference for one over the other, we prioritize compliance with all relevant regulations and best practices in our operations, to ensure responsible and sustainable exploration activities.

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