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Teako Minerals

Unleashing the Power of Innovation in Mineral Exploration - We Aim To Disrupt The Way Exploration Is Done


Teako Minerals

Corporate Strategy

Exploring the Northern Hemisphere

We are embracing the rich mineral potential of jurisdictions with great infrastructure and established mining regulations in the Northern Hemisphere

A Modern Corporate Structure

Our commitment to build a real business with a modern corporate structure, efficient operations and transparent governance ensures a strong foundation for growth and success

Critical and Precious Metal Discovery

We are driven by our determination to make a meaningful breakthrough in the exploration of critical and precious metals

All-Year-Round Exploration

Through all-year-round exploration programmes between our diverse assets, we maintain momentum and uncover opportunities throughout the seasons

Continuous Progress and Newsflow

We want to keep momentum and a steady newsflow by delivering continuous progress and updates

Using the Latest Innovative Technology

We leverage the latest cutting-edge technology to optimize our operations, ensuring efficiency in everything we do in order to speed up the exploration process

Building A Diverse & Dedicated Team

Teako is incorporating a diverse and dedicated team with different skillsets and backgrounds which is based in various countries

Partnerships With Likeminded Companies

We actively collaborate with likeminded corporations, forming strong partnerships that fuel innovation and drives success

New Technology

Tech Partners

Collaboration with strong tech partners empowers us to unlock new frontiers in the mining industry

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, we seek to uncover valuable insights from vast data sets

Exclusive Licenses With Tech Companies

Exclusive licenses with tech companies like The Coring Company ensure access to unique and game-changing solutions

New Drill Technologies

With new drill technologies from our partners, we pave the way for enhanced resource extraction and exploration potential.

Exploration Strategy

Data Driven Exploration

Data-driven exploration empowers us to make informed decisions and uncover true potential.

All-Year-Round Drilling

Our commitment to all-year-round drilling ensures continuous progress

Premier Jurisdictions

We focus on jurisdictions that embrace exploration, ensuring a conducive environment for investors and industry advancements.

Our Target Areas

Country Managers

Kristian Whitehead

Sven Gollan

Jerker Tuominen

Target Metals

Gold / Copper

Copper / Cobalt ± Zinc, Nickel & Manganese

Gold, Copper ± Nickel

Collaboration & Partnerships

The Service Alliance

Teako is welcoming a strategic business initiative that leverages the benefits of collaboration

Joint Ventures

Our strategic joint ventures bring together expertise and resources, paving the way for impactful exploration and growth

Strategic Partnerships

Our strategic partnerships such as The Coring Company unlocks doors to best-in-class ideas and innovative solutions

A Bridge Between Technology and Exploration

We bridge technology and exploration companies, forging strategic alliances for mutual benefit

Why invest in Teako Minerals?

Investing in Teako Minerals means aligning your interests with a company that prioritizes transparency and collaboration at its core. With a tightly held share structure, great assets and a seasoned management team, Teako Minerals offers an unique opportunity for investors to be a part of a company that is dedicated to delivering results through innovative approaches, and bringing new ideas to the market to differentiate ourselves in a crowded mineral exploration market.

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