Staying Relevant in a Fast-Paced World: The Role of Modern Communication

In today’s digital age, the world is more connected than ever. The rapid evolution of technology and the ubiquity of social media platforms have transformed the way businesses communicate, both internally and externally. For exploration companies to thrive and stay relevant, embracing modern communication tools is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity.

The Digital Transformation

Today, the most impact is not through newspapers or conferences but through tweets, stories, and posts. This shift has in our view necessitated exploration businesses to rethink their communication strategies. Traditional methods, while still valuable, often fall short in reaching the vast and diverse digital audience.

Teako Minerals: Embracing the Digital Wave

At Teako Minerals, we recognize the power and potential of modern communication. We understand that our stakeholders – be it investors, or the general public – are active on various digital platforms. Engaging with them where they are is crucial.

Organic Growth: The Best Kind of Growth

While paid promotions and advertisements have their place, there’s something to be said about organic growth – it gives you financial wiggle room for what really matters – exploration and business growth. At Teako Minerals, our focus has always been on genuine, organic engagement. By consistently delivering valuable content and engaging authentically with our audience, we’ve witnessed steady growth.

Social Media: More Than Just Posts

For Teako, social media is not just about posting updates. It’s about building a transparent community. By actively engaging with our audience, addressing their queries, and sharing insights, we’re trying to foster a sense of belonging. Platforms like Twitter & LinkedIn allow us to share our story, our successes, and even our challenges like forest fires, creating a transparent and relatable brand image. Moreover, we leverage advanced analytics tools to track our social media performance. This data-driven approach helps us understand our audience better, refine our strategies, and improve our reach. It’s not just about the number of likes or shares; it’s about meaningful engagement.

To give an example; from July 6, 2023 to October 6, 2023 Teako:

  • has been mentioned 553 times
  • had a social media reach of 780.000
  • a non social media reach of 3.400.000
  • 115 postive responses and 6 negative.

Software: Streamlining Communication

In addition to social media, we’ve integrated various software solutions to enhance our communication with stakeholders with tools that allow for real-time monitoring of our accounts so that no shareholder gets left behind.

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